Our Doughnuts

Classic Glaze

Sometimes you don’t want to ride the doughnut rollercoaster; the pleasantly calm carousel will do just fine. For those times, choose our Classic Glaze.

Chocolate Dip

Dipped so deep in our chocolate ganache, you’ll wonder if you’re worthy of such rich, sweet heaven. Be honest, are you?

Oh, Caramel!

The seductive temptress they call Caramel. She watches, waits, and then whispers “Your move, amigo"

Double Cinnamon

We have word from the Paris catwalks that cinnamon is going out of fashion, so we’ve made a doughnut that’s glazed with cinnamon and then topped with cinnamon.

Donny Coconut

Glazed and then sprinkled with coconut shaving. It’s the confectioner’s affectionate equivalent of being tarred and feathered.

Sweet Berry Berry

How great would you feel if you woke up one morning to find that somebody had invented a brand new colour and named it after you? As joyous as your tastebuds will feel once they’re wrapped around this sweet-glazed little beauty.

Raspberry Whim

Vanilla glazed, filled with raspberry and topped with sugar. It’s a classic doughnut, but think of ours as the 25th anniversary edition signed by every member of the band.

Blackcurrant Thrill

Romeo stood in the orchard playing Love’s sweet melody on the Guatemalan nose flute, but Juliet was far too busy tucking into a doughnut filled with blackcurrant jam. Or something along those lines.

Double Chocolate

Oh yes, this little monster is filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate. It’s Chocolate Heaven for people who don’t want the inconvenience of having to go that far.

Lemon Curd

Lemon glazed filled with lemon curd, then topped with lemon sugar. Because when life gives you lemons, spend a few minutes tucking into a gourmet doughnut.

Apple Cinnamon

Touches your taste buds in a completely new way. Try this delight today.