Made to Order Doughnuts

We get lots of enquiries here at Jam Gou Dou from our lovely doughnutters and our doughnut chefs are always happy to take on a creative challenge making bespoke gourmet doughnut designs whenever they can. We can theme doughnuts for any event, from corporate thank yous to anniversaries, from birthdays to new babies.
Get in touch with our team at and tell us what you have in mind. We’re always happy to talk!
Say thank you to your clients with a personal design based on your logo and brand colours. We can add edible imagery and messages and make a recipe to express your company's personality! We can create a recipe and design to match your event and message. 
Birthday Numbers
When it comes to celebrating a special birthday what could be better than eating your body weight in delicious doughnuts? That's right, nothing's better! Depending on the number, we either hand-cut and hand-make a shaped doughnut or use edible number on any flavour of doughnut.
Birthday Parties and Party Bags
Where it's for the buffet table, a doughnut eating competition, a birthday cake or as a party favour, we can design a gourmet doughnut for your, or you little one's, birthday party. Pirates, sparkly fairies or traditional flavours available. If you have a theme you want us to work with, get in touch.

New Baby Doughnuts

A lovely way to say 'Hello' to a new person and 'Good job!' to the new Ma and Pa! We offer traditional baby pink and baby blue, but if you'd like a different hue, just drop us a line.


From special birthday numbers to thank you gifts for clients, from branded celebration doughnuts to themed doughnuts for an event. Get in touch today.