What Makes Us Special?

1. Starting from scratch

We start from scratch every day, so you can be rest assured our doughnuts are the freshest in town. Other doughnut bakers use shortcuts but you'll never see concentrates and premixes in our recipes. We produce a doughnut that’s worthy of being called gourmet and then add topping to make them even more delicious. 

2. Making our own fillings and toppings

After going to so much effort to make our doughnuts, it’s only right to finish them with mouth-watering homemade fillings and toppings. The rich, chocolate ganache? Yep, that’s our own recipe. The sweet berry glaze? Yep, that’s ours too. (And on the rare occasion we do buy stuff in, we only buy the very best – like Fruits of Suffolk incredible selection of preserves.)

3. Taking pride in presentation

We know that people eat with their eyes (not literally of course; that would be silly). So we take pride in presenting our doughnuts in a way that makes people say “wow”. We want you to enjoy your doughnuts before you even taste them.

4. Delivering direct to you

Our doughnuts are made fresh every day and delivered direct to you by 12pm the next day. Our patented delivery boxes are designed to make sure your doughnuts arrive in the best condition possible.

5. Pleasing everyone

Our boxes of 12 are a selection of our most popular doughnuts. This guarantees something for everyone, from our classic glazes and jam-filled beauties, to the super-indulgent double chocolate.

6. Creating something special

Need something bespoke or want to order a large amount? Sounds good to us. Drop Jon an Email.

 7. Stocking our doughnuts

Want to share our doughnuts with your customers? Easy peasy, get in touch.