From the Kitchen / helping others

  • Helping to help the environment

    Jamgoudou produce a great doughnut, one of the reasons they're great is because we use Palm Oil in our cooking process and that can be harmful to the environment.However, we use a Palm Oil from a company that is signed up to sustainable palm oil production. Read the link  This has been written by our new friends at A-Z Animals, so why not have a read and make a choice? You can have a little of what you fancy without harming the environment. 

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  • It's National Doughnut Week

    Saturday 11th May is the start of National Doughnut week. Where bakers all over the UK try and raise as much money for The Children's Trust by selling doughnuts. We are taking part in this again this year and we hope to raise as much money as we can with your help. It's a win win situations for all. You buy yummy doughnuts and have a very happy tummy, we send a cheque to The Children's Fund and help lots of children with disabilities get the care they need. It starts tomorrow so you still have time to order some doughnuts today...

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