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  • Him, Me and Three enjoys a chocfest!

    There's nothing better to keep the kids quiet during the summer holidays than a box of Jam Gou Dou doughnuts delivered to your door. Recently blogger Heidi, who writes Him, Me and Three put that to the test with The Chocolate Box. Heidi was out when the box was delivered so her neighbour kindly signed for them and thankfully they were still untouched when Heidi took possession!

    The Double Trouble, a generous layer of our own special chocolate ganache topped with chocolatey sprinkles went down well and after Heidi's three children saw them Heidi only manged to get her hands on one!!


    We've been thinking about the perfect accompaniment to go with doughnuts in the summer and so far we've thought of (and tested) the following; ice cream, pouring cream, whipped cream, another doughnut - like a sandwich, bacon (no idea who thought of that, but it tasted ok!), coffee (cold, drizzled over the top), fruit coulis (any flavor, we had raspberry) and a magnum (wearing a ringed doughnut like a crown). If you have any ideas you think we'd like, get in touch.


    Summer can be doughnut season too as our Summer Fruits Selection goes to show. A dozen gourmet doughnuts with Red Berry Jam, Pineapple Crunch, Watermelon and Passion Fruit flavours to choose from. If you'd like to try them, order today and enjoy with your choice of accompaniment!


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